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Class: Mindful Creation
Cost: $300
Class Dates:
04/03/18 till 05/22/18 (8 Weeks)
Registration Deadline: 04/03/18
Meets at New You
Tuesdays 7:00 PM
10557 Mission Road
Leawood, Kansas 66206
Today, there is much discussion about the amazing benefits of mindfulness meditation. It is important to know, that not all meditation training is created equally. In order to receive the full benefit of meditation, it is essential that you engage a curriculum that is founded in the latest scientific discoveries regarding the neurological and epigenetic benefits of a meditative practice. The support of a group, whether you are beginning to meditate or looking to deepen your practice, can not be underestimated. We hold the size of our classes to an intimate number where sharing and experience can be fully facilitated. Through the Mindful Creation class, you will expand your capacity to know a profound experience of your inner world, to access deep silence, and to intentionally create meaningful life experiences. Whether you are beginning a new practice or looking for ways to deepen your existing practice, this class can support you to know new ways of being in the world. Deeper your experience of peace, lessen your stress and learn how to create a profound experience of life through this exciting new class.

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A Retreat is in development for April 14th.
More information coming soon.

Individual Teaching

Diane offers individual one-on-one meditation teaching sessions.

If you are interested in starting a new practice, deepening your daily practice or addressing issues that have arisen for you doing your internal work, Diane is here to support you on your journey inward. For more information or to sign up to experience her one-on-one work, please use the form below.