Class: Awakening
Cost: $300
Class Dates:
Starts October 30th
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New You Health Studio
7:00 PM
10557 Mission Road
Leawood, Kansas 66206
Today, merely watching the news can be a traumatic experience. Much of our mainstream culture seems caught in expressions of anger, fear and cruelty. An ongoing study out of the University of Michigan shows that we are at an all time low with regards to compassion for one another in our country. As a result, stress, anxiety and depression is off the charts and even the most well adjusted are now feeling the impact of the times we live in.

How can one survive and even thrive in such an environment? How can we influence the world we live in? The key is for each one of us to awaken. When we ignite the highest of our human expressions, many of which have grown weak and even dormant in our society, these embodiments relieve stress, allow us to impact the external world and provide a bridge to spiritual experience. Through new meditation techniques we go within the body to awaken the wholeness of our humanity, creating a sense of fulfillment. Through bridging any perceived gap between body and soul we step out of stress, find our voice and claim true empowerment.

Join us for this six week class as we discover the indwelling of our divinity.

Join us October 30 November 6,13, 20, 27 December 4, 7-8pm,
at New You Health Studios at 10557 Mission Road, Leawood, KS 66206.
Price of $300

(Includes Recorded Meditations)

Upon Inquiry, a Discount is Available for Those Who Have Not Taken a Class With Meditative Science.

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Individual Teaching

Diane offers individual one-on-one meditation teaching sessions.

If you are interested in starting a new practice, deepening your daily practice or addressing issues that have arisen for you doing your internal work, Diane is here to support you on your journey inward. For more information or to sign up to experience her one-on-one work, please use the form below.