Cultivating Your Inner Power

Cultivating Your Inner Power

Anger and division are growing every day. Most of us are frustrated, afraid and exhausted. The headlines of the day are tearing at the fabric at many of the strongest relationships, families and communities. At times, it may feel like there is nothing we can do.

To turn the tide, we must learn practical skills to create our own inner power so that we may stand strong in these days of division while learning the power of forgiving both ourselves and others. Science and ancient spiritual practices hold valuable answers for us during this time.

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Individual Teaching

Diane offers individual one-on-one meditation teaching sessions.

If you are interested in starting a new practice, deepening your daily practice or addressing issues that have arisen for you doing your internal work, Diane is here to support you on your journey inward. For more information or to sign up to experience her one-on-one work, please use the form below.


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